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A good night's sleep and a lovely breakfast at Villa Arrisja! In the small village of Eefde, 2,5 kms from the centre of the beautiful Hanseatic city of Zutphen, you wil find Hotel-Garni ‘Villa Arrisja’. Here you are in the right place for a good night's rest in one of the tastefully decorated rooms. Business as well as leisure guests are welcome. Villa Arrisja has only sleeping and breakfast facilities, there is no bar or restaurant. If so desired, we can recommend one of the excellent restaurants nearby.

’Villa Arrisja' is a modern and elegant Hotel-Garni with 4 luxurious double rooms. All rooms are furnished with Swedish boxsprings and a nice bathroom with a rain shower and toilet. Each room has a colour telefvision and WIFI may be used free of charge. In the morning a delicious breakfast is served in our nice breakfast room. During your stay, you have unlimited use our free coffee and tea facilities. We have also have a ‘little’ mini-bar with some crisps, sweets and various (cold) beverages.

Alongside and in the immediate vicinity of ‘Villa Arrisja’ there are many wonderful opportunities for cycling and walking. Eefde borders on the village of Gorssel with the stunning Gorsselse Hei, where you can walk and cycle. In the centre of Gorssel you will find the Museum More, the largest museum of Modern Realism in the Netherlands. The flood plains of the river the IJssel are also worth a visit. A website worth looking at for tips in Gorsel is The beautiful city of Zutphen offers many possiblities for a day out. Zutphen has an old inner city with beautiful facades, many rustic courtyards and the imposing Sint Walburg church. With the so called 'Fluisterboat' (whisper boat) you can take a trip through the canals and on the Berkel river, this offers you a unique view of Zutphen. A visit to one of the many coffe houses is a must, such as the wordt famous coffee house De Pelikaan or the homely Volkshuis; a hundred year old alcoholfree restaurant that is also a place that offers apprenticeships to people with a work disability. For more information on fun and special things to do in and around Zutphen visit the websites en

Would you like to rent a bicycle or do you need a packed lunch, let us know and we will arrange it!


Pets and smoking are not permitted in the entire complex!


A lot is possible, feel free to ask.
(not valid on public holidays or New Year's Eve/Day)

 The packages are based on two people sharing a room, for single occupancy a surcharge is required.

Packages at Wellness Center De Bronsbergen

When you Zutphen drive through the Achterhoek, you arrive at the Wellness Center Bronsbergen a soothing natural break point in Gelderland.
The Bronsbergen is a wellness center located in the beautiful area of Zutphen, by the lake of Bronsbergen. The Bronsbergen is a place where everyone is welcome.. The small scale, hospitality and high quality combined with personal attention each visit to the Wellness Center Bronsbergen is an ultimate experience of relaxation, pleasure and beauty.


Relax package Basic

55,00 per person, based on two people sharing
One night's stay at 'Villa Arrisja'
Delicious breakfast
Entrance for 1 day to Wellness Center De Bronsbergen
Unlimited use of showergel and scrubbing salt
Participation in the pouring ritual

Relax package Natural Wellness

€ 81,00 per person, based on two people sharing
One night's stay at 'Villa Arrisja'
Delicious breakfast
Entrance for 1 day to Wellness Center De Bronsbergen
Unlimited use of showergel and scrubbing salt
Participation in the pouring ritual
Welcome with coffee/tea
Treatment of 25 minutes, with a choice out of: classic massage, facial treatment or a hamam treatment

Culinary package Lunch & Experience (lunch)

€ 75,00 per person, based on two people sharing
One night's stay at 'Villa Arrijsa'
Delicious breakfast
Entrance for 1 day to Wellness Center De Bronsbergen
Unlimited use of showergel and scrubbing salt
Participation in the pouring ritual
Welcome with coffee/tea
2-course lunch

Culinary package Lunch & Experience (dinner)

From € 82,00 per person, based on two people sharing
One night's stay at 'Villa Arrisja'
Delicious breakfast
Entrrance for 1 day to Wellness Center De Bronsbergen
Ulimited use of showergel and scrubbing salt
Participation in the pouring ritual
Welcome with coffee/tea
2-course dinner: entrée and main course

Sauna packages at Thermen Bussloo

Hotel Garni 'Villa Arrisja'offers two sauna packages at Thermen Bussloo, a short description of both is given below. For more information and an impression of Thermen Bussloo, please visit their website
Thermen Bussloo is an exclusive sauna, beauty and spa resort. The chalet-style resort is located on a rustic 5 hectares of land on the beautiful Lake Bussloo (near Apeldoorn), surrounded by forests, beaches and vast pastures. A visit to Thermen Bussloo is really worth it. The peace, quiet and relaxed atmosphere will make your day an experience you will not soon forget. It is a journey of timeless enjoyment on which you will experience different moodes and influences form various continents. There are various saunas such as a Finnish sauna, sauna Roses, Kelo sauna and an infrared sauna. Every day Aufguss and Kailish are offered at set times. 

Wellness arrangement Détente

(subject to availability)
€ 80,00 per person, based on two people sharing.
One night's stay at 'Villa Arrisja'
Delicious breakfast
Entrance to Thermen Bussloo
Use of all facilities in the sauna from 10:00 - 23:30 hrs
Free use of showergel, shampoo and scrubbing salt
Bathrobe and towels are not included



Villa Arrisja has five double rooms. All rooms are tastefully decorated and fully equipped with TV, free wireless internet, full length mirror, desk and a modern bathroom with rain shower and toilet. Three rooms have a double boxspring, two rooms have two single boxsprings. During your stay you make make unlimited use of our coffee and tea facilities. We als have a small 'mini bar' with crisps, sweets and cold beverages.

Upon arrival in your room there will be a small bottle of wine and a small bottle of water, compliments of Villa Arrisja. In the morning you will be offered a delicious breakfast.


Our check is between 15.00 and 18.00 o'clock. For a different check in time please contact us.


A double room including breakfast: € 80,00 tot € 95,00 per night. An extra bed, for one child, kan be placed in the room, the price for this, including breakfast: € 25,00 per night. Tourist tax á € 2,35 p.p.p.n. is not included in the price of the room.


Payment must be done upon arrival. You may pay in cash, by pin with meastrocard or by creditcard (Mastercard). When making a reservation for two or more rooms, payment must be done no later than two weeks before date of arrival. If you are sent a bill by Villa Arrisja, payment is due within 14 days. If nog payment had been received after 14 days a request will be sent to a collection agency to collect payment.


Hotel-Garni 'Villa Arrisja' is located on the 'old' N348, the main road from Zutphen to Deventer. Unfortunately navigation systems have trouble finding Meijerinkstraat 1. Please use Meijerinkstraat 4 as your destination, Villa Arrisja is located opposite this address. If you use Meijerinkstraat 1 as your destination, more often than not, you will be led through the countryside which makes the trip longer and more complicated than necessary.

Coming off the A1 

When on the A1 take the off ramp 'Deventer' and then follow the sign 'Zutphen'. After passing through the village of Gorssel take the second exit on the roundabout and continue on through the village of Eefde. After crossing the railroad tracks take the third road on the right, this is already the Meijerinkstraat, you will find Villa Arrisja on your left, just past the soccer field.

Coming off the A12 

Follow the signs 'Dieren/Zutphen'. In Zutphen follow the signs 'Eefde'. When leaving Zutphen, cross the 'Twentekanaal' bridge, a large white bridge. After crossing the bridge take the second road on the left, this is the Meijerinkstraat. Were you directed to the 'new' N348? Then keep go to the right at the traffic light and keep to the right, after about 1 km turn left onto the Meijerinkstraat, after another kilometer Villa Arrisja can be found on the left.


History of Hotel-Garni ‘Villa Arrisja’ For hundreds of years the family ‘Geltink’ have lived in the Meijerinkstraat in Eefde. Once they owned several houses in this street, which had to be sold for the division of property. At this moment only the location Meijerinkstraat 1 is in ownership of ‘a Geltink’, Arrisja. The first house on the location of Villa Arrisja was made of wooden poles, then a stone building was built. Here Gerrit Meijer, the husband of Jaantje Geltink, had a construction company, a grocery store and a pub. ‘Aunt Jaantje’ ran the grocery store and the pub. After the death of ‘Aunt Jaantje’ and later uncle Gerrit, Jan and Rie Geltink ran the pub. In order not to break with tradition and keep the location Meijerinkstraat 1 in ownership of 'a Geltink', Anneke (Arrisja) Geltink and Jan Breedveld decided to have a brand new building built; Hotel-Garni ‘Villa Arrisja’. The nostalgia has certainly not disappeared in the new building. In our office / reception area the family history is still clearly visible. Throughout the years there has been a lot of activity at the Meijerinkstraat 1 in Eefde by a Geltink (and spouses).


Groups (3 or more rooms) When a reservation is made for a group then the following terms apply when cancelling:

a. Cancellation more than 3 months before the moment that, according to the agreement to provide services, the first service would be provided, to be referred to from here on as 'date of arrival', no cancellation fee will be charged.

b. Cancellation more than a month before date of arrival, guest is required to pay the hotel 35% of the value of the reservation.

c. Cancellation more than 14 days before date of arrival, guest is required to pay the hotel 60% of the value of the reservation.

d. Cancellation more than 7 days before date of arrival, guest is required to pay the hotel 85% of the value of the reservation.

e. Cancellation within 7 days before date of arrival, guest is required to pay the hotel 100% of the value of the reservation.

Individuals (2 rooms) Cancellation more than 2 days before date of arrival: no cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellation within 48 hours before date of arrival: payment of 100% of the value of the reservation.


Gorssel / Eefde

Gorssel and Eefde are adjoining villages. In Eefde are several estates in the beautiful wooded area. The cozy village Gorssel is well worth a visit. Gorssel has several nice shops, beautiful museum More and various cozy bars and restaurants including the famous steaks restaurant Loetje.

By bike from Eefde to Gorssel is a wonderful journey. Along the way you drive along the Eefsche Mill, most of the time you'l see storks, and a large part of the year the family Makkink stands with a fruitstall with the most delicious strawberries and other fruits which offers the season. If you do not immediately want to take the shortest way, you can also choose to ride through the beautiful river IJssel.


Zutphen, with his towers and stately merchant's houses, has a unique look at the water. The Hanseatic city has amassed its wealth in the 14th and 15th centuries and this richness is reflected in the beautiful buildings in the city. In the center you'll find the St. Walburga Church and Berkelpoort, the latter part of the city wall. Around Zutphen is a beautiful nature.


On the river IJssel, one of the loveliest river in the Netherlands, is the historic Hanseatic city of Deventer. In recent years, Deventer has done a lot to renovate the historic center and to preserve. The old street pattern has been renovated almost completely intact and hundreds of monuments. People call Deventer "friendly", you feel welcome there. Deventer is a city with a rich and fascinating history. There are many highlights and Deventer is one of the famous Hanseatic cities of Netherlands. This is reflected in the ancient streets of the city. Nowadays Deventer is known about her many shops, restaurants and nightlife.


Doesburg within traveling on IJsselbrug you find yourself in a town where time has stood still. Few cities in our country are so well preserved as this old Hanseatic city. The mediëval street pattern is still intact, moreover, the city has 150 protected monuments. Doesburg has a rich history, the city acquired in 1237 city rights, 60 for Amsterdam. The Doesburger is proud of. From a small trading settlement grew a great trading city that was admitted in 1447 to the Hanseatic League.

Bronkhorst / Brummen

A visit to Bronkhorst is nice. Bronkhorst has since 1482 city rights with its 150 inhabitants the smallest town in the Netherlands. If you love beautiful vintage cars, you can take the ferry to Brummen. Brummen has The Gallery. An exclusive old-car-company.

Other tips in the vicinity: Bussloo recreation in the municipality of Voorst - Bronckhorst, the smallest city in the Netherlands - Many beautiful walking and cycling routes - Castle excursions in the area around Vorden - Silent (Whisper) boat ride in Zutphen - Canoeing, in and around Warnsveld - Various saunas like wellness de veluwse bron and wellness de bronsbergen - National Musuem Paleis 't Loo (Apeldoorn). - De Wijte, for your business apointments on a beautiful location in Eefde.



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